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New Rules for 2015

posted 18 Mar 2015, 18:33 by
As we get ready for the 2015 season it's time to remind ourselves of the new rules in play for 2015.

  • Green cards are now an automatic 2 minute stand down just like they are in international games. The time doesn't start until you are off the turf. This gives umpires a way of reducing niggle and discouraging dangerous play.

  • Attacking free hits within 5m from the D are to be taken from where the infringement occurred (not taken back to the dotted line). The ball still has to travel 5m before being dribbled into the D or touch another players stick. Defensive players must be inside the circle, but do not have to be 5m from where the infringement occurred. WHA have advised their umpires to turn over the free hit if the attacking team picks the ball up and decides to play from the 5m dotted line.

  • If the ball travels over the back line off a defender (which would have caused a long corner in the past), the attacking team take a free hit on the 25m line, in line with where the ball went out (like a 16, but 25m away and the ball is with the attacking team). Rules for taking a free hit inside the 25 still apply - the ball must travel 5m before entering the D or be touched by another players stick.

  • The high stick rule is now to be played in both P1 and P2 grades. This means our top side can get used to catching aerial balls above the shoulder which is a key element in the top level game.
If you're a player or an umpire it will pay to be familiar with these so you can keep up a fast paced game and take advantage of unwary players.