Each club member is charged a $20 umpiring fee which goes into the pool of money we can use to pay our club umpires. Anyone who umpires a club game will be credited $20 per game towards their fees (i.e. if you umpire 4 games over the season, your account is credited $80).

This is a great way to reduce you fees and assist the club at the same time. The system obviously relies on having people who are interested in umpiring some club games. If you are interested, please either signal your interest on the registration form when you register or let our Secretary, Rochelle Desmond ( know.

Each team will be issued with umpiring equipment (cards and a whistle) so you won't need to have any - just turn up and officiate.

Below is a presentation designed to explain the rules of hockey fairly simply for players and umpires alike - check it out so you can be a more clued up player and keep your eyes and ears out for the umpiring night that will be held.

Follow this link: check out a collection of excellent FIH videos that show a heap of different rulings with the explanation for them underneath, an excellent resource!

We're looking forward to another fantastic season of well umpired and successful hockey so do your bit for the success of the club


Umpiring Hockey

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