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2010 Season

Hockey 2010 Season



Round 10 vs Northern United:
Drew: 1 - 1

Round 9 vs Hutt
Won: 1 - 0
Goal: Sorry, don't know.

Round 8 vs Tawa
Won:  2-1.
We were a bit sluggish at the start. We were one nil ahead for most of the game and then with 2 min to go they scored. However it was like we suddenly had some fire and managed to slot one in really easily just before the whistle blew.
We are having a fantastic season, having only lost against one dominant team all season. However we shortly lose one of our players who needs to go for serious surgery, leaving us with only 8 players. Really need a few more to keep this up.

Round 7 vs Indians:
Drew: 0 - 0
A very cold and drizzly day saw our boys lacking a bit of their usual energy and focus however they managed to keep the score against a full Indians team (we had our usual 9 players) to nil all.  Our goalie Vincent played well receiving positive comments from parents and supporters from both teams.  Drew also had a great game with some strong tackles and good passes.  Congratulations also to Makya Te Kawa for making the Under 11 development squad, and to Vincent Goodman and Joshua Bond for making the Hutt Valley team.

Round 6 vs Kelson

Round 5 vs Northern United:
Won 4 - 1
Goals: Makya (1), Josh (1), Jacob (2)
The junior boy’s won convincingly. We had 10 players on Saturday, one more than usual. My nephew Luke was over from Singapore and had never played but is keen for one more game before heading home.
Excellent goals, power shot by Makya, lovely PC by Josh and 2 goals by Jacob. Awesome game.

Round 4 vs Hutt:
Lost: 1 - 0
The boys put in an impressive effort and only lost 1-nil.  This was with a team of only 7 players playing against a full Hutt team with 2 reserves.  It was good to see Josh use his skills to get past Hutt players and Jude made some great tackles and hits to the sideline enabling other team members time to get back and help defend.  All in all this team played it's best game giving it everything they had for both halves.

Round 3 vs Tawa:
Won: 1 - 0
Goal Scorer: Josh Bond (1)
Our boy’s won 1-0 goal being scored by Josh Bond during a PC. Nicely done. Was pretty freezing cold and wet at Elsdon and only had 9 players again.  Good game against Tawa and thanks to Craig McDonald for Umpiring. We were all sick and injured and he was the least ill :)

Round 2 vs Indians:
Won 2 - 1
Jacob Curry (1), Jonathan Mc Donald (1)
Thanks to those people who filled in for the team for this game.

Round 1 vs Kelson:
Lost: 9 - 0
We were out classed and out sized. We will need to work on our marking, and passing. Our Goalie had a great game saving quite a number and Jacob and Jonathan also has a good game. Many thanks to Emily Monk who made player number 10.


Round 10 vs Marsden
Drew: 1 - 1

Round 9 vs
Won: 1 - 0
Goal: Macinta (1)
With this win the junior girls have secured first place in their grade even though the round robin has not finished yet.

Round 8 vs Tawa Gold
Drew 1 all
Goal Scorer: Delaine
Started with 8 players. Had 10 5 minutes before half time. Leading the grade with 2 games to go in round robin.

Round 7 vs Rangikura:
Won: 1 - 0

Round 6 vs Tawa Blue:
Drew 0 - 0

Round 5 vs Marsden:
Won: 4 - 0
Goals: Cherish (2), Macinta (1), Gabby (1)
We have secured the top of the table in junior girls P3 with a 4 nil win
over Marsden. A cold, tough, first half and our first game at NHS.>They
looked like giants compared to most of our girls, but the girls did the
job. Congratulations to Emily who has made the Hutt Valley under 13s as a goalie.

Round 4 vs Karori:
Won: 1 - 0
Goal: Cherish Russell
This team is doing great and sitting on the top of the table still. Well done girls!

Round 3 vs Tawa Gold:
Won: 2 - 1

Round 2 vs Rangikura
Drew: 0 - 0
The girls are coming second on the table after moving up a grade. Well done girls.

Round 1 vs Tawa Blue:
Won: 1 - 0
Goal scorer: Macinta
Junior girls won their first game in premier 3. Macinta was the goal scorer but it was a great team effort


Mens Teams

Premier Three

        Coach: Trevor Colling             0212626595
        Manager: Les Williams            0274388973      

Round 15 vs Indians
This game ended up just being as much of a 'friendly' game as possible.  There were only 10 players on either side and with no supplied umpires this weekend, Trevor had to umpire the entire game on his own.

Round 14 vs YWCA
Won: 3 - 2
Goals: Vaudin Cole (2), Cam Ellis (1)
A much better game this week from the P3 Men with solid performances from Craig McWilliam, Chris Fahey and Cam Ellis.

Round 13 vs Hutt:

Lost 3 – 8 
Goals: Chris Fahey (1), Ralph Tiu (1), Mike Vanderburg (1). 
NaeNae started the game strong with a fair bit of possession and territory. Chris Fahey opened up the scoring and gave NaeNae a 1 - 0 lead in the first half.  Unfortunately that was not to stay and Hutt started to dominate the game not long after that goal was scored.  NaeNae started to loose their structure and passing was inaccurate which cost them.

Round 12 vs Hutt:
Lost: 3 - 1
Goal Scorer: Johnny Brown (1)
Hutt gained an early lead off a PC. NaeNae, after many opportunities managed to equalise with a nice team goal earned through passing the ball around and Johnny happened to get the final touch on the post.  Hutt got another goal off another PC and took the lead 2 - 1 at half time. NaeNae had several goal scoring opportunities throughout the game but just couldn't sink any. Hutt ended up getting a third goal in general play.

Round 11 v Harbour City/Tawa:
Lost: 5 - 2
Goals: Mike Van der Burg (2) - and I'm sure Vaudin would like to be mentioned as being the assists in both of those goals :)

Round 10 vs Indians:
Won: 6 - 0
Goals: Brayden Gosse (4), Vaudin Cole (1), Alex Hampshire (1).
A very good win great to see the team communicating and good passing especially in the D all goals were a team effort. Hopefully the team has clicked and will continue on from here, a good win considering we still had 5 players away.

Round 9 vs Indians:
Lost 2 - 0
The team didn't have a great game and unfortunately are still relying on people to fill in for them as they are missing players every week.

Round 8 vs Victoria 3:
Lost: 5 - 2
Goals: Eden Kitney (1), Alex Hampshire (1)
The team really suffered this week with 7 of their permanent players unavailable for the game. The experience of the Victoria team proved to be too much this weekend.

Round 7 vs YWCA 1:
Won: 4 - 2
Goals: Cam Ellis (2), Eden Kitney (1) Mike Van der Burg (1)
Hard fought battle with YWCA 1. The team showed some periods of great team work on attack and defense.

Round 6 vs Hutt 4:
Won: 4 - 2
Goal Scorers: Vaudin Cole (2); Mike Van der Burg (2)
The team would like to thank Chris Gus & Cam for standing in and helping out,
All that needs to be said is WE WON.

Round 5 vs Hutt 3
Lost: 5 - 2
Goals: Eden Kitney (1), Brayden Gosse (1)

Round 4 vs Harbour City/Tawa
Lost: 3 - 1
Goal scorer: Eden Kitney
Team played well and dominated the first 25minutes. However, during the second half with more injures hitting the team and no subs to call on, the structure fell away.

Round 3 vs Indians:
Lost: 4 - 1
Goal: Brayden Gosse
Team tried very hard but lacked experience with injuries and unavailability of the experienced players. A very young side took to the turf with an average age of 18 compared to an average age for the Indians of approximately 38.

Round 2 vs Indians:
Drew 3 - 3
Goals: Eden Kitney (1), Mike Vanderburg, (1) Vaudin Cole (1 - stroke)
Typical hard battle against Indians  . half time score down 3 -1 The team fought back well in second half to dominate and should of had a couple of more goals.

Round 1  vs Victoria 3

Won: 3 - 2
Goals: Jonny Brown (2), Brayden Gosse (1)

Promotion/Relegation Game vs Karori
Draw: 2 - 2 at full time
Goals: Eden Kitney (1), Alex Hampshire (1)
Strokes: 3 - 3
Goals: Mike Vanbeekhuizen, Mike Vanderburg, Johnny Brown.
Sudden Death Strokes: Lost 3 - 2
Goals: Mike Vanbeekhuizen, Mike Vanderburg

Grading Game 5 vs Kapiti
Draw: 1 - 1 at full time
Goal: Vaudin Cole (with a bit of help from a Kapiti foot I believe)
Went into strokes: 4 - 4 after the first round
Goals: Mike Van der Burg, Vaudin Cole, Jonny Brown, Mike van Beekhuizen
Sudden Death Stokes: 3 - 2 to Kapiti
Goals: Mike van Beekhuizen, Vaudin Cole

Grading Game 4 vs Northern United:
Lost 7 - 2
Goals: Vaudin Cole (1), Eden Kitney (1) - Penalty stroke

Grading Game 3 vs Indians:
Loss 4 - 1
Goal Scorer: Vaudin Cole (1)

Grading Game 2 vs Victoria 2
Loss: 7-4
After conceding 4 goals and being kept scoreless themselves during the first half, the team certainly pulled together and played a much better and stronger second half.
Goals: Vaudin Cole (2), Eden Kitney (1), Mike Van Beekhuizen (1)

Grading Game 1 vs Kapiti

Loss 3 - 1. 

Reserve Two (Old Farts) Blog


Manager: Wayne Chapman    0274 221 551      

FINAL - vs Young Guns:
Lost: 3 - 1
Goal: Vietchy (1)

With supporters for both teams lining the sidelines, the whistle went and straight away the Old Farts were putting pressure on the Young Guns defense.  This went on for a number of minutes, but they were unable to convert into a goal even when they had a PC.  Eventually. the Young Guns finally managed to clear the ball from their defensive lines and out to Bevan on the right wing.  Bevan made a beeline for his attacking circle and put the ball through to Jordan who put it away in the net.  Suddenly the Young Guns were 1 - 0 in the lead even though the Old Farts had had all the possession and territory for most of the match.
The score stayed at 1-0 for half time, but the Old Farts were not giving up so easily.  In the second half they again put enormous pressure on their attacking circle and eventually, through Vietchy, managed to level the score at 1 - 1, through their frustration in not being able to put the ball away was beginning to show.
The Young Guns weren't going to let that ruin the game and put away another 2 quick goals to take the lead at 3 - 1.  The frustration of the Old Farts was growing. They still had plenty of possession in their attacking 25 but the Young Guns defense didn't allow them to get many shots off on goal.  Chris Fahey did an excellent job of marking Cam out of much of the game, which really damaged the Old Farts.
Time eventually ran out and the Young Guns took out the final: 3 - 1.

Round 15 vs Victoria 4 - SEMI-FINAL:
Won: 5 - 0
Goals: Cam Ellis (2), Ants (1),
Last night the Farts lined up against Victoria 4, in a game that would give one team an early end to the season. Along with the usual Farts supporters, a large contingent of  rather loud (Inc all manners of Horns and even a vuvuzela) and seemingly inebriated “young Guns” turned out to cheer the Farts on.
The Farts had all the territory and ball in the first half. They had around 30 shots at goal, and numerous PC’s, but couldn’t find the back of the net.
Half time in the sheds the Frats were treated to a team talk by the legend of Naenae Hockey Ash “Ropes” Roper.  It fired them up, to go back out into the cool evening.
The second half was more of the same re Frats pressure, except this time the goals came. First Cam opened with a goal and then a second.  A great pass from Scotty found Legs into front of goal to slot the third.  Richie Rich got into the act netting the fourth, and Needles capped off the night with the fifth. After the game the “Young Guns” formed a guard of honour for the Farts as they came off the field. So, the final beckons, next Sunday against the “Young Guns”, an all Naenae shout out of R2, with the winner taking all the glory and a Naenae team definite to start next year in R1 contention
Late Breaking news
Cambo has been cited by the FCA (Farts Complaint Authority) , last night after the game he was see drinking with the Young Guns, and and its alleged that he was trading team secrets for drinks. Farts management has evidence he had shared secrets such as “Trapper can’t Trap”, “Nuts can’t run” and promising that in the final next week “he wouldn’t pass”.  The FCA will have to decide the severity of these allegations and any suitable recourse.

Round 14 vs Victoria 4:
Won: 6 - 3
Goals: Cam (3), Veitchy (2), Trapper (1)
Thanks to Phil for filling in as goalie. It was much appreciated. The Farts finished the round robin part of the tournament with a win, meaning we have gone through this section unbeaten and scored 89 goals in the process
Unfortunately the Farts struggled to convert their chances, even though they went to the sheds 5-1 up, they had shots glancing off the front of the post, scrapping the outside of the posts and a few saves from the goalie.
The best goal of the first half was due to a fast break out of defence, and solid clearing pass from Willie found trapper with some space, he beat the left back, and drove towards the goal (Veitchy was screaming for a pass) but trapper calmly slotted the ball past the gaolie into the far corner (well that’s how trapper saw it!).
Veitchy had opened the scoring with one that dribbled over the line, and Cam had scored three great goals, one nearly powering through the top left hand side of the net.
The Farts relaxed in the second due i think to their dominance in the first. While Victoria’s tactics appeared to have dissolved, they continued to battle and scored tow consolation goals. Final score 6-3. Next stop the semi final next Sunday!

Round 13 vs Rongotai:
Won: 5 - 3
Goals: Cam Ellis (2), Ants (1), Veitchy (1), Wayne (1)
Rongatai appeared to have the upper hand and scored first.  The Farts equalised through Veitchy, and after a long arm wrestle Cambo scored so the Farts went to the sheds at half time 2-1 up. This also meant the farts were sitting on 99 goals for the year to date
Early in the second half Scotty found Trapper wide on the flank unmarked, a swift pass, a 20 metre drive, beat the fullback, go to the line and pull it back for Ants to slot the 100th goal of the year.
The forwards swamped Ants to celebrate the goal, the 100th of the season then proceeded to "Congo" back to half way (though perhaps some practises might've been in order as the timing was very off!!!).
Without Doubt, Legs was the MVP for the day. He was everywhere, in attack and defence, and rightly notched up the Farts century of goals.
Special mention to Timbo, he fell over half way through the first, not certain why, maybe he wanted to check out the new turf close up.  When he got up he thought his wrist was a little sore. Dr on monday morning conformed he'd broken it and played 3/4 of the game with a broken wrist. Typical Farts attitude, play on!

Round 12 vs Northern United:

Won: 2 - 0
Goal Scorers: Veitchy (1), Needles (1)
The Farts had previously dispatched Northern with ease, but today they came out firing, and took the Farts on in a frantic "man to man" marking strategy. The game was an arm wrestle from the start and while the Farts had 57 % of possession, and 61% of territory, it wasn't till mid way through he first half that Veitchy had a shot at goal blocked, which trapper then powered towards the goal only to have it stopped by a defenders foot. Veitchy slotted the Stroke into the top RH side of the net. So the Farts went to the sheds only 1-0 up.The second half was much the same although gaps were starting to open up in the Northern defence. However the Farts second goal was a cracker from field play.
Adrian got the ball from Richie Rich around the 25, and put his foot down to power towards the circle, then hammered a cross goal pass to Needles who was waiting by the far post to slap it into the goal.

Round 11 vs Young Guns and Dads
Won: 6 - 4
Goals:Legs (3), Trapper (1), Veitchy (1), Needles (1)
For the first 5 mins the Farts had to weather not just the horizontal rain, but a ferocious period of play from the Young Guns. Although there were no shots on goal, the game was played deep into Farts defensive half. However, the Farts took their chances as they came.
Nuts saved a goal off the line, a lifted shot that he partially trapper at Nipple height (I could tell, it was cold) and then cleared away.4-nil up, but with only about 16% of the territory, the farts then conceded one, then another to go to the sheds 4-2 up.
The game ended 6-4Round 10 vs YWCA:
Won: 6 - 3
Goals: Legs (2), Scotty (2), Cam (1), Needles (1)
Nae Nae started the strongest with good passing up front and a couple of near misses waking the opposition up to the fact Nae Nae had turned up to play and not only to chat to the ref. After a couple of strong breaks good passing across the goal mouth saw Needles in good position to knock the ball in the back of the net. After another good spell we had Legs and Scotty bring the Farts 3 – 0 up. YW were beginning to look a little worried as they had the youth and speed. However the farts have seen this combination before and stood strong. YW came back of two well worked corners and the Farts went to half time 3 – 2 up. Good passing from for the first 20 minutes again delivered a string of good goals from, Cam, Scotty and Legs to put the Farts firmly back in control and had force YW into longshots and weak passes.

Round 9 vs Karori:
Won: 12 - 1
Goal Scorers: Ants (4), Cam (3),Scotty (2), Vietchy (1),Dave Netherclift (1), Trapper (1)
Great game, with lots of pressure right from the start, for example dave scored one goal from about 9 shots. Their goalie probably saved 5 or 6, so the score could have been over 20.
There was so much pressure without results that a comment made at half time was that we weren't taking enough shots, there was so much unselfish passing in the circle we needed to put more pressure on their goalie.

Round 8 vs Victoria 5:

Won: 9 - 1
Goals: Cam Ellis (5), Wayne Chapman (2), Veitchy (1), Willy (1)
The Farts went into the game with a confidence that was more than simply knowing that Victoria were 2 players short.
The game started in a fast and open manner, and it wasn’t long before Cambo broke through at the top of the circle, and passed wide of the flailing goalie to Trapper who was positioned perfectly to guide the ball into the top of the net. Within minutes he had added a second from a similar position. It seemed this was going to be his game. So the boys went to the sheds 5-1 up. The second half was more of the same.
The whole team played well, with no players lacking in effort or application tonight.

Round 7 vs Victoria:
Won: By default (though actual score was 6 - 4 to NaeNae)
NaeNae turned up to play a Victoria team that was depleated of their normal players. They had 9 players at the beginning of the game, 3 or 4 of which were P3 or P2 players. The Victoria captain was approached at half time and confronted about this issue and taking out the extra players meant Victoria didn't have enough to field a team and had to default. The game played on none-the-less and NaeNae did claim victory in the end.

Round 6 vs Rongotai Sports:
Won: 3 - 2
Goal Scorer: Veitchy (3)
This morning the Farts returned to a sodden Elsdon Park, for the first game of the day around 9.00am. Probably lucky it was wet, otherwise we would have been breaking the ice if frosty!
It was a fired up and confident Rongotai team that took the field, thinking the Old Farts would be a easy scalp for them, surely the Farts players would still be struggling with stiff joints and hang overs at this time on a Sunday morning.
But the first pressure was exerted by the Farts, and earned them a PC inside the first 3 Min's. Veitchy slotted this into the back of the net, and the Farts were quietly confident this game would be another win. The game quickly became quite a niggly affair. Rongotai managed to score and draw level, then to the supporters horror they scored again to take the lead. The first time in this normal season the Farts have been behind on the scoreboard. Then with only 5 Min's to go Veitchy slotted his third to give the Fart's the lead.

Round 5 vs Northern United:
Won: 6 - 2
Goals: Legs (2), Veitchy (2), Cam (1), Trapper (1)
It was more like underwater hockey during this game at Elsdon park. The Farts turned out against a Northern United team whose total age probably was less than the total age of our forward line. The first half saw lots of balls stopping in the water, and no matter how hard passes were hit they only averaged 10 metres.The turf had started to dry out a bit by the time of the second half, and the Farts continued the pressure. So the Farts wrapped up a wet and soggy game 6-2 , to retain the laed at the top of the table. While not played in the best conditions, the second half especially was a fast paced game, with lots of pressure and tackling across the field.

Round 4 vs Young Guns and Dads:
Won by: Old Farts 10 - 4
Goal Scorers:
Old Farts: Cam (3), Vietchy (3), Scotty (1), Legs (1), Needle (1), Richie Rich (1)
The ultimate match up, one that millions of sports fans across the globe had waited for, the Young Guns took on the Old Farts for their first match on level ground. The pre kick off tension was so thick you could feel it , aided by the driving rain and near zero temperatures. It was a predictable line up for both sides that took the field, and with the umpires whistle to start the match they threw themselves at each other.
The Farts raced away to a 4 nil lead mid way through the first half. The guns scored and also managed a second. Both teams went to the sheds at half time with the score at 6-2.
To be honest the second was less exciting than the first, the Farts extended their lead to 8-2 and then relaxed like teams in complete domination often do allowing the guns to pull a couple back.
The Farts finished the game though with a couple of cracking goals, both must have moved the goal backwards.  And so the game ended 10 – 4, a resounding win to the Farts, bragging rights until the next round robin clash!

Round 3 vs YWCA:
Won: 5 - 2
Goals: Willy (2), Cam (2), Scotty (1)
YW opened the scoring, although the first half was predominately Farts pressure, with lots of work done throughout the game by the forwards and halves, the backs had "by and large" a quiet game.
Changes in the forward line had instant results after 15 mins into the first half with Wily slotting two goals, showing the full range of skills the first was a nice power shot after placing himself strategically on the left upright, the second was a reflex latch onto a rebound that he lifted over the flailing goalie.
YW had some breakouts, and a period of sustained pressure in the second half but again The farts had 75% of the territory, 17 mins in the red zone, and 6 PC's to 1.Up from there was big efforts from Cam and Legs, Cam rewarded with 2 goals and Legs with a near broken wrist after taking a direct hit from close range.
Scotty added another goal, and also had a strong game , with lots of activity even way back in defense.

Round 2 vs Karori 2:
Won 7 - 2
Goals:Cam (2), Scotty (1), Willy (1), Richard Lennon (1), Wayne (1)
It was a physical but good game with the guys really playing as a team. Good calling and passing, The Farts had 70% of the pressure and lots of opportunities to convert more.
MVP was Timbo in goal who saved a number of shots and generally shut down the attacks

Round 1 vs Victoria 5
Won: 5 - 2
Goals:Scott Pemberton (2), Paul Veitch (1), Adrian Straayer (1) and Anthony Bryant (1)

Promotion/Relegation Game vs Petone
Lost: 4 - 1
Goal: Cam Ellis (1)

Grading Game 5 vs Harbour City/Tawa
Lost 6 - 3
Goals: Cam Ellis (1), Scott Pemberton (1), Dave (1)

Grading Game 4 vs Rongotai Sports

Won 4 - 3
Goals: Paul Veitch (2), Murry Wills (2)

Grading Game 3 vs Northern United:
Won 5 - 2
Goal Scorers: Cam Ellis (2), Dave N (1), Dave L (1), Scotty (1)

Grading Game 2 vs Victoria:

Won 4 - 1
Goals to Cam Ellis (2), Warwick (1), Ants (1)

Grading Game 1 vs Harbour City/Tawa
Win 3 - 2
Goals: Paul Vietch (3)

Reserve Two (The Young Guns and Dads)

The "Social Team" of the club - we keep the turn over at the bar up.

Manager    Chris Fahey            027 405 2598  
Coach       Ashley Roper

FINAL vs Old Farts
Won: 3 - 1
Goal Scorers: Young Guns: Jordan Dunn (2), Cairns Mason (1) 
With supporters for both teams lining the sidelines, the whistle went and straight away the Old Farts were putting pressure on the Young Guns defense.  This went on for a number of minutes, but they were unable to convert into a goal even when they had a PC.  Eventually. the Young Guns finally managed to clear the ball from their defensive lines and out to Bevan on the right wing.  Bevan made a beeline for his attacking circle and put the ball through to Jordan who put it away in the net.  Suddenly the Young Guns were 1 - 0 in the lead even though the Old Farts had had all the possession and territory for most of the match.
The score stayed at 1-0 for half time, but the Old Farts were not giving up so easily.  In the second half they again put enormous pressure on their attacking circle and eventually, through Vietchy, managed to level the score at 1 - 1, through their frustration in not being able to put the ball away was beginning to show.
The Young Guns weren't going to let that ruin the game and put away another 2 quick goals to take the lead at 3 - 1.  The frustration of the Old Farts was growing. They still had plenty of possession in their attacking 25m but the Young Guns defense didn't allow them to get many shots off on goal.  Chris Fahey did an excellent job of marking Cam out of much of the game, which really damaged the Old Farts.
Time eventually ran out and the Young Guns took out the final: 3 - 1.               

Round 14 vs YWCA - SEMI-FINAL:
Won: 3 - 1
Goals: Cairns (2), Brent Philpot (1)
The Young Guns took 2 very early goals through Cairns to take control of the game early on.  This week the wings were asked to do a lot or running up front to move the defense around which paid off in terms of goals, but meant Don pulled a Hamstring in the first half and spend the remainder of the game on the sideline! YWCA managed to pull a goal back before half time even though they only entered their attacking circle a handful of times!
In the second half NaeNae again had all the territory and possession but couldn't sink the goals.  Near the end of the first half Brent managed to take the ball into the D and finally get another on past the keeper to seal the victory at 3 - 1. A great game was played by Gus McWilliam in defence with a number of intercepts.

Round 13 vs Karori
Won: 4 - 2
Goals: Cairns Mason (2), Brent Philpot (1), Jono Hart (1)
The Young Guns certainly didn't come out firing for this game.  In fact, they conceded an early go to be behind for most of the first half.  They then conceeded another goal to be 2 - 0 down with not long left in the first half.  Brent Philpot then took a free hit outside the circle where he skilfully dribbled around a couple of players, into the D, made himself some room and scored a nice goal to bring the score up to 2 - 1. NaeNae then got a second goal shortly before halftime to bring the scores even for the second half.
The second half was better, but still by no means best game that they have played.  Bevan did a nice run to the base line, flicked the ball up to the spot where Jono easily swept it into the goal to give NaeNae the lead for the first time in the game.  They managed another goal and took the game 4 - 2.

Round 12 vs Victoria 4:
Lost: 6 - 2
Goals: Jonothan Hart (1), Cairns (1)
Not a great game by the young guns this week.  They conceeded the first goal and fought back to go into half time at 1 - 1. During the first half they had plenty of possession and territory and had many attempts at goal, most of which were too high and flew right over the fence.  They definately had the upper hand in the first half, but after the half time break, the beers from the night before must've caught up with a few of them as things started to fall apart. Vic got their second goal to take the lead which mean NaeNae had to start pushing forward to try and equalise.  Unfotunately this left Vic's winger a lot of space. Once he had the ball and was moving towards goal he was hard to stop and poor Phil had more than a couple of 2 vs 1's in the D.

Round 12 vs YWCA:
Won: 4 - 1
Goals: Stephen Sinclair (2), Cairns Mason (1), Brent Philpot (1)
YWCA had a shakey start with about 9 men on the field by the time the start whistle went.  Unfortunately, many of their team were caught in traffic due to the slip on SH2, but they ended up with 11 men only a few minutes into the first half.  NaeNae opened the scoring with a nice goal from Stephen Sinclair. Chris powered the ball into the D from the left-hand side of the field and got the ball to Cairns who pushed it across the goal for Stephen to easily put away.  After some pressure from YWCA Phil was out of the goal and Brad stopped the ball with his foot on the goal line.  A stroke was awarded which YWCA put away and suddenly the score was back even.  It wasn't too long before Stephen managed to get his second goal and NaeNae went into the second half 2 - 1up.  The second half was much the same as the first and NaeNae converted 2 more goals without conceding any to take the match 4 - 1.

Round 11 vs Old Farts:
Lost: 6 - 4
Goals: Cairns (2), Brent Philpot (1), Jordan (1)
The Young Guns came out as a much better team this time around and certianly had the territory stats going their way in the first half.  During the first 10 or so minutes they applied lots of pressure on the Farts defense but were unable to put away any goals.  The Farts put any opportunities they had away and the Young Guns were down 4 - 2 at half time.  During the second half the Young Guns started well again and put a goal away to close the score to 4 - 3.  Again the applied pressure to the Farts defense but were unable to convert.  The Farts then got two goals to take the score 6 - 3 with only a few minutes remaining in the game.  The Young Guns were awarded a PC right near full time which was converted with a lovely drag flick from Jordan Dunn. Final score: 6 - 4.

Round 10 vs Rongotai Sports:
Lost: 2 - 0
Rongotai started strong and their physical style of play was something that NaeNae could not adapt well too.  Rongotai made a few quick breaks and converted one into a goal in the first half.  They again put pressure on the defense towards the end of the first half to put another goal away.  NaeNae had some chances but were unable to convert, shooting either wide or high of the goal.

Round 9 vs Victoria 5:
Won: 1 - 0
Goal Scorer: Cairns Mason
The game was very close even though Victoria only started with 10 players. NaeNae couldn't seem to get into the zone this week and although they should have converted many more goals, they had trouble putting them over the line and past the goalie.

Round 8 vs Northern United:
Won: 8 - 1
Goals: Cairns Mason (2), David Poole (2), Brent Philpot (2), Bevan Leahy (1), Jono Hart (1)
The first half was all about NaeNae as they opened up the scoring early on and had put 6 away before the half time whistle went.  They almost had their 7th goal about 30 seconds into the second half but it narrowly missed.  Things started to turn physical during the second half and the NaeNae boys were only able to put away 2 more. The last say went to Northern though who slotted their goal with only a couple of minutes remaining in the game.

Round 7 vs Karori:
Won: 6 - 0
Goals: Cairns Mason (3), Brad White (1), Brent Philpot (1), Don Battah (1)
The team withheld a lot of pressure in the first 7 - 10 minutes of the game with Karori dominating possession and territory.  The boys eventually warmed up and in the last half they had a fair few shots from in their attacking circle which narrowly missed the goal (except in Dave's case where he was about 6m above the goal!). The break came and the score was still at 0 - 0, although NaeNae were definatley starting to show their dominance. Cairns sunk the first goal early in the second half and after that the goals were coming one after the other.  A special mention goes to Brad White who played centre forward for 5 minutes towards the end of the second half.  One of the boys send a great ball into the D off a free hit and Brad got his stick to it and got his first ever field goal (i.e. scored in general play and not off a PC). I must say, it was nice to see Cairns polishing Brad stick after that goal for a change!

Round 6 vs Victoria:
Won: 7 - 1
Goal Scorers: Cairns (4), Jono (1), Don (1), Bevan (1)
Great game - we pwned them.  The pink headband went to Jonothan for sleeping in last week and missing the game (9:45am)!

Round 5 vs YWCA 2:
Won: 5 - 3
Goals: Cairns (4), David Poole (1).
Another game played in terrible conditions, though this week the team was just pleased it wasn't as cold as the game the week before.  By the time the second half started, both wings on the field were big puddles and the only constructive hockey that could be played was down the middle of the turf. The scoring was even to start off with and at half time the game was tied at 3 - 3. In the second half NaeNae managed to find 2 goals and take the lead which they retained for the game.  Some good work by Phil Taylor in goal and Don Battah also played a good game.  Points should be deducted from Christopher Fahey for doing a lovely clearing sweep in the defensive circle that went straight into his own team mates (Brent Philpot's) face and meant he had to leave the field to be cleaned up.

Round 4 vs Old Farts:
Lost: 10 - 4
Goal Scorer: Cairns Mason (4)
The young guns were caught napping a few times by the speed and fast breaks made by the Old Farts.  They were not used to the physical nature of the encounter and a lack of accurate passing led to their downfall.

Round 3 vs Rongotai Sports:
Won 6 - 2
Goals: Jordan Dunn (1), Brent Philpot (3), Jonny (1), Cairns (1)
Brent Philpot had the honours of the pink headband for this match and the power of the headband got him a hat trick! It was
a very rough and physical game.  After the first goal for each team was disallowed, NaeNae opened up the actual scoring and went into half time 4 - 0 up.  They played well in the second half and should have put another 3 away but missed the goal by centimetres.  The bonus point was looking good towards the end of the game when they went 6 - 1 up, however, it was not to last and Rongotai had the last say with a run-away goal to get a final score of 6 - 2.

Round 2 vs Victoria 5:
Won 4 - 0
Goals: Jonathan Hart (1), Cairns Mason (1), Brent Philpot (1), Jordan Dunn (1)
This was the first game where the boys had a player of the day (in a manner of speaking) wearing the pink headband. Last week the honors went to Cairns Mason (who had such a good time at the quiz night he wasn't able to make the game) and so he had the privilege of wearing the pink headband for this game.  He now gets to choose the next victim which will be announced at the beginning of the next game.
Round 1 vs Northern United:
Won: 1 - 0
Goal: Jordan Dunn (1)

Grading Game 5 vs YWCA 4
Won 6 - 2
Goals: Brent Philpot (2), Cairns Mason (2), Stephen Sinclair (1), Jonothan Hart (1)

Grading Game 4 vs Harbour City/Tawa
Won 9 - 1
Goals: Brent Philpot (3), Jordan Dunn (2), Cairns Mason (2), Bevan Leahy (1), Jonathon Hart (1)

Grading Game 3 vs YWCA:
Won 10 - 2
Goal Scorers: Craig McWilliam (1), Jordan Dunn (2), Cairns Mason(2), David Poole (2), Don Battah (2), Jonathan Hart (1)

Grading Game 2 vs Indians 8:
Won 11 - 1
Goals: Cairns Mason (4), Don Battah (2), Brent Philpot (2), Dave Poole (1), Jonathan Hart (1), Jonny Brown (1)

Grading Game 1 vs Petone:
Won: 20 - 0
Goals: Bevan Leahy (7), Jonathan Hart (5), Brent Philpot (2), Jonny Brown (2), Don Battah (2), Steve Sinclair (1), Jordan Dunn (1), Dave Poole (1)

Reserve Three

Round 15 vs YWCA
Drew: 3 - 3
Strokes: 4 - 3
Goals:Jeremy (1), David (1), Stefan (1) -  Sam 1 for YW, silly sausage
Strokes: Sam (1), Jeremy (1), David (1), Jono (1)
Having been in a position to beat this team in the past and not achieving the win we weren't going to let the fact we were down many players and pulled together players from the Young guns and younger siblings get in the way of having a go. We opened the scoring from a PC early in the first half having started the game a little on the back foot, defending much of the time, Jeremy didn't let the chance go to waste and put the ball away. Later in the second half Sam kindly deflected a YW shot around Phil to score their 1st.
Revved up after half time we scored another two, David put one by the keeper at one point and Stefan once again made the necessary last touch to get the ball in. While we led 3 - 1 at one point we gifted them a second goal through some sloppy defence and again let them capitalise later. 3 - 3 at game end while we decided on extra time or strokes, strokes it was.
Sam took the first stroke slipping it straight past the goalies right hand side, this just after Phil made an excellent save jumping entirely in front of YW's first attempt. Damon stepped up to take the second stroke but despite a decent effort the YW keeper got his hand to it. David stood up to take the 3rd stroke sending it straight in as Sam did earlier. Jeremy mixed it up going for the goalies left hand side and with all the pressure on 3 - 3 for strokes it was down to Jono to put it away and get the win, no pressure. Strolls up all casual like and pops it straight in. The win. On to "finals" next week.

Round 14 vs Indians:
Lost: 5 - 3
Goals: Stefan (2), Amon (1)
We got off to a strong start defending well minus a goalie with Tim out with a broken wrist Eddie was in at goal but not quite in pads and game start, thankfully he just got on to the turf before out first defensive PC. Before long we were lining up an attack from the left hand side of the field with a strong cross from Cooze for Stefan to deflect in. The Indians didn't wait long for their comeuppance slipping one by Ed's right foot. The Indians also kindly scored our second goal after a shot from the top of the circle from Amon and an Indian stick putting the ball in the goal, mind you they didn't take it quietly claiming he was outside the circle. Before long they evened it up but not long before the second half Stefan put us one up once more going to the break 3 -2. Despite strong attack and solid defence we just couldn't quite string together a goal despite decent efforts, then in the last 5 minutes with fatigue setting in and feeling too comfortable we let in an easy goal and conceded a last play penalty corner wherein the goal was contested seeing as the belief was that the goal was scored from an Indian foot.
All in all it's been a pretty decent season with the grade being fiercely competitive and seeing as we were playing strongly in the middle of the table no game was an assured win or loss so each game has been thoroughly exciting, thanks to the boys for making it happen.

Round 13 - BYE

Round 12 vs Petone:
Won: 6 - 1
Goals: Matt (1), Amon (2), Jeremy (3)?
Good game, piss poor weather - We hope Michael's recovered from hypothermia by the time the results are out. Game started with drizzle but it soon turned to driving rain. Matt scored the opening goal after 3 or 4 golden opportunities went walk about. Many goals scored from PC's with excellent hits and deflections all round. Great dedication from the boys turning up for such a pooey weathered game and sticking it to them.

Round 11 vs YWCA
Lost: 3 - 2
Goals: Amon (1), Jeremy (1)
A closely fought game between to fairly evenly matched sides, YWCA made many more attacks on goal compared to us so what we did convert was doubly sweet. Amons goal came from a sweeping shot from the backline being deflected in by the heel of a YW defender while Jeremy's was scored in the 2nd half with a well timed hit passed the goalies outstretched foot.

Round 10 vs Upper Hutt:
Drew: 4 - 4
Goals: Cooze (1), Stefan (1), Jeremy (1), Michael (1)
Having beaten Upper Hutt 5 -1 just 7 days earlier the team was confident of another strong performance to the, once again, goalieless team. Cooze opened the score book after strong assaults on goal. Upper Hutt went on to score two goals themselves before we evened it up at 2-2 for half time. Upper Hutt went on to score another early in the second half winding our attack up and after some messy ball and stick action in the circle Jeremy evened things up. Again Upper Hutt scored another but after being sorely disallowed minutes before Michael put the ball on his reverse side and scored a sweet goal with next to no angle from the baseline.
Reasonable result but there was a lot of ball that went astray, maybe next weekend boys?

Round 9 vs Upper Hutt:
Won: 5 - 1
Goals: Amon (3), Damon (1), Sam (1)
Another strong performance this week but this time we took the spoils. We punished Upper Hutt (and that traitorous swine Yetti Brown =D) within a minute of the game's start while they played 1 goalie short. Great ball carrying from Michael set up an easy deflection for Amon to score super early. Upper Hutt got a lucky one back off a PC - the shot was strong and the goalie got his foot to it but the deflection sent into our goal. Being one goalie short came a problem for Upper Hutt when we got a second PC. A strong flick from Damon found a defenders stick and went straight into the back of the goal. Revved up at half time when Upper Hutt got their goalie on board Sam made a break from a long corner breaking through three players allowing Amon to score from another deflection, Only a handful of minutes later Sam scored his own firing off a shot from the left side of the circle and through the goalies legs. Then one more attack on goal saw Amon score his hat trick slipping it on the outside of the poor goalies foot.

Round 8 vs Kapiti:
Lost: 3 - 2
Goals: Amon (1), Cooze (1)
A great game to watch and a fantastic turn around from the 6 - 2 scoreline in the previous encounter against this Kapiti side.  NaeNae cartianly looked strong in the attacking part of their game and put a couple only just wide of the goal in the second half. They certainly gave Kapiti a run for their money and were unfortunate they missed out on the draw (or even the win). Good goals from Amon and Cooze kept us in the hunt but a third shot at goal from the very top of the circle was disallowed for being apparently outside. Unfortunate as the boys played put together some very good plays and made alot more of the chances we had on attack.

Round 7 vs Petone:
Lost: 3 - 2
Goals: Warrick Saunders (1), Jeremy Flintoft (1)
Unfortunate loss, we played for the win and should have got it but just couldn't finish many assaults on goal went astray and their goalie played well to soak up the pressure. (Not sure - Warrick opened the scoring for us - not sure if it was Warrick, may want to ask around) putting us 1 - 0 up Petone eventually managed to get one back before the break leaving us at 1-1 at half time just like last week when we won 4-1 so we were positive when we scored a second off an excellent flick from Jeremy from a PC early in the 2nd half but it went downhill with many missed shots at an open goal :( it also didn't help to have Damon taken out of action later in the second half and having no subs, balls and ankles just don't mix.

Round 6 vs Indians:
Won: 4 - 1
Goal Scorers: Cooze (2), Michael (1), Amon (1)
Great game from the boys, a pretty even 1st half saw the Indians take an early 1 - 0 lead but Cooze evened it up in timely fashion. The second half is where we kicked it up a notch, Cooze took another goal followed up by an effort from Michael to make it 3 -1. Once again the Indians came back to make a challenge but we took advantage again for wee Matty to score one for himself which was disallowed after much confusion. Amon put the cherry on the top in the last 10 minutes with one last goal making it a 4-1 win to the boys!

Round 5 vs YCWA 4:
Lost: 5 - 0
Poor game this weekend, the YWCA thoroughly outclassed us to take a deserved win 5 - 0. At half time the score was only 1 - 0 and NaeNae had put plenty of pressure in their attacking circle and were unlucky not to have sunk a few goals themselves.  Things seemed to fall apart in the second half and YWCA got some easy goals when the NaeNae defense was stretched to its limits!

Round 4 vs Eastern Hutt:
Lost: 3 - 1
Goal scorer: Matt Booker (1)
Lost 3-1 to the team that beat us 9-0 in grading and we scored one of their goals. Matt scored the our one goal midway through the 1st half with a great deflection from the left post.

Round 3 vs YWCA:
Won 3 - 2
Goals: Jeremy Flintoft (1), Michael Hendrie (1),
A hard fought win for the R3's with YWCA equalising not long after we gained a lead. Michael opened the scoring with another shot past the keeper and Jeremy then scored off a PC late into the first half, drilling it past every defender from the left of the circle.  Our 2 - 0 lead was cut to 2 - 1 just on half time.  The second half was a lot tougher, YWCA made some strong attacks early and YWCA managed to level the score to 2 - 2.  Eventually Amon managed to put one past the keeper and we held on to the 3 - 2 lead throughout the rest of the game. 

Round 2 vs Harbour City/Tawa 5:
Lost: 6 - 3
Goals: Michael Cooze (1), Amon Van der Burg (1), Michael Hendrie (1)
Wasn't a bad effort seeing as they predicted before the game they would score 9 goals. Michael scored a brilliant goal from the edge of the circle sending it straight past the goalie. Amon sneaked one by and Cooze found the back of the net (first time in 5 years I'm told).

Round 1 vs Karori 3
Draw: 2 - 2
Goals:  Sam Lun (1), Warrick Saunders (1)

Grading Game 6 vs Petone:
Won 3 - 1
Goals: Amon Van der Burg (1), Stefan Poad (2)

Grading Game 5 vs Eastern Hutt
Lost 9 - 0

Grading Game 4 vs YWCA:
Lost 2 - 1
Goal: Amon Van der Burg (1)

Grading Game 3 vs Upper Hutt:
Loss 6 - 0

Grading Game 2 vs Kapiti:
Loss 4 - 1
Goal: Amon Van der Berg (1)

Grading Game 1 vs Karori

Loss 5 - 2

Womens Teams

Premier Three

Coach: Allan Saunders        027 359 9686
Manager: Paul Stannard     021 623 369

FINAL - vs Eastern Hutt
Won: 6 - 2
Goals: Catriona Stannard (1), Anna Forster (1), Matie Whitman (3), Philippa G (1)
During the opening minutes of the game, Eastern put a lot of pressure on NaeNae defense, but we were able to withhold this and eventually made it down to our attacking circle and got a PC. The first one I fluffed at the top of the D, but not long after we got a second PC. The ball was shot at goal and saved but went straight to Catriona who was waiting at the top of the D. She got a flick away which bounced just before the goal line and went into the goal! NaeNae were up 1 - 0.  Nearing the end of the first half, Matie made a fast break and had a 1-on-1 with the keeper which she won. NaeNae went into half time 2 - 0 up.  Eastern came out firing in the second half and NaeNae had to again be under constant pressure in their defensive 25.  It took a while, but eventually Eastern put a goal away to bring the score to 2 - 1.  This wasn't to be for long. Anna managed to get the ball in our attacking 25 with space in front of her. She took the ball into the D, took a fast shot and put NaeNae up 3 - 1. Not long after that, Matie had a shot on goal which was saved by the keeper, but put straight to Philippa who pushed it back into the goal. NaeNae now had a 4 - 1 lead and Eastern decided that if they were going to have a chance at winning they needed to take some drastic measures.  They decided to pull their goal keeper off the field in order to get the extra field player to try and push up to get some goals.  Unfortunately, this didn't work for them and Matie made the most of no goalie by getting an extra 2 goals. Eastern scored their 2nd goal with a few minutes left on the clock, but it was too late. NaeNae took out the final 6 - 2. WOOHOO!!!!

Round 15 vs Victoria - SEMI-FINAL
This afternoon, the P3 women took on Victoria University for the semi final of their grade. NaeNae dominated most of the match in both possession and territory but for the 70 minutes ot game time we were unable to convert this into a goal.  We went into extra time - we were playing 6 minutes each way with only 9 players on the field and golden goal rules applied. NaeNae started with the ball and again had terriroty and possession.  Eventually, towards the end of the first 6 minutes Chucky put a lovely ball through the D from outside the 25 line, which Matie managed to get a touch on which was just enough to send the ball wide of the keeper and into the goal! NaeNae have made it to the final!!!!

Round 14 vs Northern United:
Won: 4 - 1
Goals: Matie Whitman (2), Nicole Edmonds (1), Kirin Cherry (1),
During the first half NaeNae had all the territory and possession and were putting a lot of pressure on Northern's defensive circle. They defended well and managed to stop a lot of ball coming through and kept NaeNae to a 1 - 0 lead at half time.  The second half saw NaeNae take an early goal to get a 2 - 0 lead.  Again, NaeNae had most of the possession and territory. However, Northern took their chance to get a 1 on 1 with the keeper and put a goal away.  NaeNae scored again at the very end of the game to take the final score to 4 - 1 and seal their place in a semi-final game.

Round 13 vs Toa:
Lost: 3 - 1
Goal: Sorry I can't remember!
The girls were missing a few key players in the forward line this week (in fact 4 of the normal 5 forwards were away). The girls that filled in did a great job, but Toa took their chances and got the win.  A great game by Catriona Stannard who didn't let Toa intimidate her! The loss, however, does has not changed our placing and we are still top of the table (though Eastern Hutt are second with the same points as us)! This still doesn't mean that we are totally safe for a semi final game yet though - a win this weekend would seal it for us!

Round 12 vs Harbour City/Tawa
Won: 5 - 2
Goals: Matie Whitman (2), Nicole Cherry (1), Nicole Edmonds (1), Shelly (1)
After this win the girls are still at the top of the table, but still not safe for semi finals! The race in this grade is very tight with only 3 points between 1st place and 4th place on the table! NaeNae opened the scoring early in this game with a nice goal by Cherry.  The ball was bouncing through the D and she slapped it midair into the goal! Matie when put another one away and we were up 2 - 0.  By half time NaeNae were up 3 - 0 and we had rattled Harbour City (who we had previously drawn 1 - 1 with).  In the first few minutes of the second half a golden opportunity went begging, but the ball was just wide of the post and only just out of Shelley's reach. The girls took their foot off the throttle and became a little complacent in the second half and Harbour City were the first to score. NaeNae then replied with a goal of their own a few minutes later.  With less than 10 minutes to go, Harbour City slotted their second goal and again NaeNae replied within minutes to take the game 5 - 2.

Round 11 vs Victoria:
Won: 2 - 0
Goals: Nicole Cherry (1), Anna Forster (1)
In the first 5 minutes, NaeNae showed that they were definately there to play this week, dominating possession and territory.  Unfortunaly even with this dominance they were unable to capitalise and take an early goal. The remainder of the second half was fairly even with no goals scored by either team.  The second half started out much as the first half finished until NaeNae converted off a PC half way through to take the lead 1 - 0.  Victoria picked their heads up after the goal was scored and put more pressure on the NaeNae defense and made a few breaks into our defensive circle. With 5 minutes left to go in the game NaeNae were awarded a PC which Anna flicked beautifully into the back of the net.  At that point NaeNae went 2 goals up and played hard until the final whistle went.  With that win now under our belts we have taken first place in the grade.

Round 10 vs Karori:
Won: 4 - 1
Goals: Nicole Edmonds (1), Matie Whitman (2), Nicole Cherry (1) - not entirely sure these goal scorers are correct. Let me know if they're not and I'll update the website :)
Being up 3 - 0 at half time NaeNae were going for the win.  There were a couple of goals that should have gone in during the game so it was a shame we missed out on the bonus point for this game. Some good passing between the girls though which was good to see.

Round 9 vs Eastern Hutt:
Drew: 2 - 2
Goals: Matie Whitman (1), Anna Forster (1)
It was a tough game against these ladies.  Eastern have played together in higher grades for a number of years and their accurate passing and ability to trap a hard pass quickly really hurt NaeNae at times.  Both teams had a number of missed goal scoring opportunities though so the game could have gone either way.

Round 8 vs Petone:
Won: 2 - 1
Goals: Nicole Edmonds (1), Matie Whitman (1)
NaeNae actually scored a goal that went over the line and was brought back out by a Petone defender but the umpire was too far away to see and the goal was not awarded.  A few minutes later, NaeNae managed to put one past the goalie on the second shot off a PC and went 1-0 up. Petone evened up the game half way through the second half and both teams had opportunities to score throughout the second half. NaeNae eventually put one away with only a few minutes remaining and took the game 2-1.

Round 7 vs Northern United:
Won: 3 - 1
Goals: Selina Reichert (1), Freya Hawes (2)
The team was short a couple of players due to reps this week and other commitments but the ladies who filled in for us from the R1 team really stepped up and put us oldies to shame during some stages of the game.  Thanks to those girls for filling in! We started off the game on the back foot and sustained a lengthy period of pressure. Northern put a goal in about half way through the first half to take the lead.  Once that goal was in the girls really started to put some good hockey together. Brenda almost evened up the score towards the end of the first half but the goal was disallowed as it hit her body before going in the goal.  With 2 minutes to go and a free hit 5m out from out attacking D, the ball was taken quickly, dribbled in and Freya got a touch on it to put it past the keeper.  It was nice to go into half time at 1all.  Early in the second half Selina got a great goal off a PC which deflected off the defenders stick and went sailing into the top corner of the net.  We had a handful more chances in the second half which should have been put away but the last goal came towards the very end of the second half from Freya.

Round 6 vs Toa:
Lost: 3 - 2
Goal Scorers: Anna Forster (1), Nicole Cherry (1)
The ladies took to the field in worse than arctic conditions on Saturday afternoon. Not only did we have the howling wind and rain to contend with, but as soon as the start whistle went we also had hail! And it wasn't just a small period of hail, it painfully hailed for most of the first half.  Despite the horrid conditions (and going into the wind in the first half) the girls managed to take an early lead off a PC. Unfortunately, before the end of the first half Toa has equalised. They then scored again early in the second half to take the lead. After putting a lot of pressure Naenae managed to convert another goal with a great deflection by Nicole from a fantastic ball from Catriona that went sailing through the circle.  Toa managed to get their third goal against the run of play to take the lead and the game.  Toa's defense held well against the consistent attacking from NaeNae and the goalie made a couple of crucial saves which denied NaeNae the draw.

Round 5 vs Harbour City/Tawa:
Drew: 1 - 1
Goal: Anna Forster
Not the best game from the ladies this week.  NaeNae put lots of pressure on their attacking circle and had majority of possession and territory but failed to sink the goals unfortunately. A big thanks to Bex who stepped up in goal for us this weekend. You had a fantastic game!

Round 4 vs Victoria:

Won: 4 - 2
Goal Scorers: Jess Bond (1), Matie Whitman (1), Selina Reichart (1), Anna Forster (1)
A good game.  NaeNae started the scoring within 1 or 2 minutes of the start of the game off a PC and were 3 - 0 about 25 minutes into the first half.

Round 3 vs Karori:
Won: 6 - 0
Goal Scorers: Nicole Cherry (1), Nicole Edmonds (1), Catriona Stannard (1), Melody Kirkland (1), Anna Forster (1), Matie Whitman (1)
The P3 women had a catch up game last night and took to Karori in great fashion scoring 6 goals and taking the bonus point.  The conditions for this game seemed almost tropical compared to Saturday. The passing was fantastic and it was great to see the girls really enjoying the game.

Round 2 vs Eastern Hutt:
Lost 3 - 2
Goals: Alicia Murden (1), Shelley Mcilvride (1)
A very hard game and lots of opportunities that went wayward of the goal (on 2 occasions hitting the post).  Eastern played hard and their trapping expertise hurt us at times.  Nicole Edmonds went off to the hospital during the second half with a split hand. She has since had stitches and hopefully will mend quickly so she can be back playing in a few weeks!!!

Round 1 vs Petone
Loss: 2 - 1
Goal: Shelley Mcilvride (1)

Grading Game 5 vs Toa:
Lost 2 - 1
Goal: Alicia Murden

Grading Game 4 vs Kapiti 3:
Won 7 - 1
Goals: Matie Whitman (3), Nicole Edmonds (1), Shelley McIlvride (1), Jess Bond (1), Alicia Murden (1)

Grading Game 3 vs Kapiti:
Loss 2 - 1
Goal Scorer: Nicole Edmonds (1)

Grading Game 2 vs Hutt:
Loss 2 - 0
A very frustrating game for all involved (players on both teams, umpires and supporters!)

Grading Game 1 vs Toa

Won 2 - 1

Reserve One

        Coach: Eddie Forster                 275770465  

Round 14 vs Hutt - SEMI-FINAL
Defaulted due to secondary school players at tournament

Round 13 vs YWCA 1
Won: 5 - 0
Goals: Natasha (1), Claire (1), Matie (2), Freya (1)
Natasha made the move from the comfort zone of left half and scored on right wing. With the 5 - 0 win the girls managed to get a bonus point which has put them into 3rd place. Unfortunately as discussed above they are unable to play their semi final game
next weekend.

Round 12 vs Harbour City/Tawa
Won: 1 - 0
Goal Scorer: Sorry, don't know!
The R1 girls look to have sealed a semi final match with this win which is fantastic! Well done girls. Thanks also to Anna for umpiring the game.

Round 11 vs Indians:
Lost: 1 - 0

Round 10 vs Kapiti:
Won: 1 - 0
Goal: Freya (1)
Naenae 2 women beat Kapiti 3 in reserve 1. 1 nil. Tough, hard game that
turned very physical. We missed heaps but didn't look like
loosing. The top 4 have split away from the bottom 4 in the grade, so we
need to keep winning to get an easier play off game.

Round 9 vs Hutt:
Lost: 4 - 2
Goal Scorers: Matie Whitman?? (1) and Freya?? (1)
Naenae lost in this 50/50 tussle with Hutt 3. It was a way better performance
than last time with 3 players who had returned from national tournaments
and two players who had returned from overseas the day before.

Round 8 vs YWCA 2
Lost: 2 - 1
Goal: Matie Whitman
Even though they lost this game the girls should still hold their heads up high. They played the whole game with only 9 players and still kept themselves in the hunt for the draw, or possibly the win, for most of the match.  They had some periods of great passing and awesome defense.

Round 7 vs YWCA 1:
Won: 3 - 2
Goal Scorers: Freya Hawes (3)
This is a great win for the team, especially considering Island Bay were relegated from P3 at the end of last season. The team is doing fantastically well in R1 this year, sitting at the top of the table at the end of the first round robin (with 2 more wins under their belt than the team currently in second place). Well done ladies, keep it up for the second round.

Round 6 vs Harbour City/Tawa 3:
Won: 3 - 2
Goal Scorers: Matie Whitman (2), Freya Hawes (1)

Round 5 vs Island Bay:
Won: 2 - 1
Goals: Matie Whitman (1), Alison (1)

R1 women sit uneasily in first. Played Island Bay. Both teams had 5 players missing on Rep duties. Mate scored 1 and Ali scored the other after Abi got away with headering to herself. We all thought she scored but when the ref didn’t count it she gave it to the opposite post for Ali to put in. Beks played 2 awesome games in 2 days.

Round 4 vs Indians:
Won: 2 - 1
Goal Scorer: Freya (2)
Reserve 1 women turned around a 5-1 loss against Indians in the first round to win 2-1. Both goals scored by Freya. It could have been more.

Round 3 vs Kapiti:
Won 3 - 0
Goals: Selina (1), Freya (1), Georgia (1)

Round 2 vs Hutt:
Lost 5 - 1
A hard physical game. Being down 4 - 1 at half time the team had a stronger second half and only let in the 1 goal.

Round 1 vs YWCA
Won: 5 - 2
Goals: Freya Hawes (2), Matie Whitman (2), Tania Forster (1)

Grading Game 5 vs Harbour City/Tawa 3
Draw: 1 - 1 at full time
Goal: Tania Forster
Strokes: Won 3 - 0
Goals: Matie Whitman, Brenda Wong, Freya Hawes

Grading Game 4 vs Indians:
Lost 2 - 0

Grading Game 3 vs YWCA:
Loss 3 - 1
Goal Scorer: Georgia Garden Bachop (1)

Grading Game 2 vs Eastern Hutt:
Loss: 5 - 2
Goals: Marian Stobbs (1), Finela (1)

Grading Game 1 vs Hutt

Draw 1 - 1